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Arrthi Little - creator

Cheeky Legends

For the cheeky ones!

​A greetings card range set in an unusual mythical world of wizards, witches, gnomes, elves and fairies and their wizardly antics...

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Good Morning Mrs Duck

© Arrthi - Good Morning Mrs Duck - logo.png

Picture book

What a sight it would be having a line-up of endearing birds coming to visit you on your balcony in the morning... 

House of Arrthi

House of Arrthi offers its own set of licensable artworks and patterns bringing the cute, chubby, cheeky to everyone!

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Pebble Dash

Highly competitive pebblish shaped animals who are classed by six elements...

Dinosaurs Roarsome Legends!

An enthusiastic bunch of jazzy dinosaurs having the time of their lives in a spectacularly lush floral world...

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Image catalogues | Coming 2022

© Arrthi - Baby Sea - logo.png

Set sail with adorable sea creatures in this beautifully bold and colourful collection that will make any parent awww for their little cuties.

© Arrthi - Planets The famous balls of Gas and Rock - logo.png

A new interpretation of our solar systems' most famous balls of Gas and Rock unlike anything you've seen before.

© Arrthi - Totally Cute Sea - logo.png

The weird, the wonderful and the totally Cute Sea!

A range of fishy looking but totally cute sea creatures.

Comic books & animation | Coming soon...

© Arrthi - Rameni - logo.png

Get ready for a fast paced comedy with gnarly freelance artist Rameni.

© Arrthi - Jono Bowstar - logo.png

Jono Bowstar is not your average youngster making an ordinary bun delivery.

© Arrthi - Marty of Bubblington - logo.png

Animated preschool TV show following five year old Marty and his family and friends in their town of Bubblington.