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"I had an epiphany like no other whilst sitting on the throne one day, I came up with the idea of this cheeky little wizard who is rather gassy!"

Arrthi Little
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Cheeky Legends is a greetings card range set in an unusual mythical world of wizards, witches, gnomes, elves and fairies. Nothing is too naughty, just a little cheeky!
Who is it for?
Bottoms up as this hilarious collection is for all ages! Brrp!
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Who are the characters?
The Blue Wizard is the main character. Secondary characters include the Blue Witch and a mix of gnomes, elves and fairies.
What makes it unique?

 A reimagining of mythical folk figures, such as the clichéd old grumpy wizard and the evil broom flying witch, and restyling them into cute free-spirited nudists!
Their faces are never ever to be seen. Keeping the crowds guessing...magic!
How cheeky!?

Cheeky Legends is family friendly and suitable for everyone. We have a saying 'Not too naughty, just a little cheeky!'
As well as all the cheeky wit and humour, there are inspirational messages too...
Less is more.
Minimalist design for maximum impact.
When is it out?
Cheeky Legends is available now with their debut 'Greeting Card Designs Catalogue'.
Branding overview:

  • 16 characters

  • 8 Collections

  • 50 Greeting card designs

How do I find out more?
If you would like to know more about Cheeky Legends and you are interested our greeting card designs please use the contact details at the end of the page!
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