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Eeee! I won a Writers & Artists writing competition!

Towards the end of last year I gave it a shot to enter a Writers & Artists (Bloomsbury) competition. Well, it was the build up to Christmas and I thought why not add an extra challenge! The competition spoke to me as it really fitted to my start in the new year – ‘What are your Writing Goals for 2023?’ I was thrilled to find out in the

beginning of the new year that I had won with a wonderful comment by Clare Povey: ‘Your entry was positively bursting with enthusiasm and that’s the sort of writing energy we all need this year!’ It made me so happy as this is what I am aiming to achieve with my stories & cartoons – to spread positivity and inspire children in the most imaginative ways. This victory means a lot to me as this was entirely based on written work. Anyone who knows me, I draw. Even when I shouldn’t! This is a true vindication of all the hard work I have put over many years not just for my artworks but also my writing. Check out my winning written piece on the link below:

The prizes are true signs from above and couldn’t have come at a better time so, Thank you Writers & Artists!

These fab books and a Scrivener subscription! Let’s get typing. Type type!

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