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Flavours of the World

I am so thrilled to have my artwork ‘Flavours of the World’ selected @southamptoncityartgallery for the Summer Open Exhibition! It really means a lot to me. Having my work recognised by a prestigious art gallery is monumental. I always dreamed of having gallery worthy art with my characters and cartoons. It is a path that I chose as a creative but also one that lead me into the art world. I never even dreamed of having my artwork on show in the same gallery as some of the colossal greats like Van Dyke, Monet, Bridget Riley or Alan Lee! And then to have my work hanging in the same room as Da Vinci's drawings were in....I am absolutely honoured and grateful! Thank you so much Southampton City Art Gallery! 😆🎨✨✨✨

Dream big people, dream Big! ✨😎✨

#southamptoncityartgallery #arrthi

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