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Lamy-ghini: The Supercar of the Pen World

Christmas has certainly come early for stationery addicts…It’s National Stationery Week! Woop woop!!!

A few years ago I discovered a stationery shop local to me. It had all the wonderful goodies displayed in the shop window, I couldn’t resist and walked in. I had a flashback to my childhood way back in Germany in the 90s…

It is a requirement in German schools to have a fountain pen. I remember my class of twenty or so kids all having the same pen either a Pelikan or Lamy. Those were the highest-status possessions you could have in your pencil case. I was jealous. I had a nice pen that I was happy with till I found out that it wasn’t good enough.

These were the famous fountain pens and are specifically for first-time writing. The wooden look Lamy is not the coolest-looking pen but it’s about the performance!

I remembered this entire event when I saw this Lamy fountain pen. Instead of a silver hook, mine was black.

In my last year at primary school, I begged my parents for a new pen. To be honest the one I had was on its last legs so an upgrade was due. My parents aren’t fashionable BUT have made this one trend-making suggestion. I went fountain pen shopping with my Amma with the thought in mind we were buying one of the status pens. As I pointed to that log Lamy, Amma was not impressed. ‘What? But these are old and for first graders!’ she said lightly outraged. ‘It’s what everyone else has! It makes you cool!’ was my answer. Amma was looking meanwhile at other Füllers and I was huffing and puffing ‘I told everyone I was getting a new fountain pen! The same as everyone else in the class!’. She then pointed to the one. I grumpily looked over the counter display and there… the Ferrari of fountain pens. It was royal red. It was cool, sleek and shiny. I was happy and Amma was happy.

I was so excited to go to school the next day and I remember I could barely sleep the night before. I did give the new Lamy a test write. It was bliss! ‘They have no clue what is coming their way!’ I was thinking to myself.

As we sat down for class, all eyes and talk were about my fountain pen. I took my brand spanking new shiny fountain pen out of my pencil case….jaws dropped. There was excitement, flabbergasting and marvel at my new pen. Everyone was asking ‘Where did you get this Lamy pen?! It’s so cool! The best thing I have ever seen! I want one!’. It was bliss. I was flying high on that famous feeling. I had something that everyone else wanted.

Over the next week or so I was the only member at the high table with my fine Lamy. But as we all know, good things must come to an end. Sadly. In due course, other classmates came in with new Lamy pens like mine but in blue. I was demoted from the high table as supposedly the red one is not cool anymore or valuable. My moment of trendsetter and fame was gone. However, we all got outdone by one kid in the class. A dazzling SILVER fountain pen…what I call the Lamy-ghini: The supercar of the pen world. I was jealous as everyone else. However looking at the bright side of things, I was the founder, the original trendsetter.

Who knew walking into your local stationery shop would draw up such a memory! I am very happy that Lamy is still going strong and having such a prestigious display.

Sarah Laker and Arrthi Little at a recent GCA event

National Stationery Week is 15-23 May 2023

National Stationery Week ( is the biggest marketing opportunity of the year for stationery brands and retailers to increase engagement with the end consumer, and it’s back with a bang this year! Fully rebranded and spearheaded by award winning independent stationery retailer Sarah Laker, this year is not to be missed!

The wonderful ‘Warren & Son’ - my local independent stationery retailer in Winchester!

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