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Lindt me tell you a story…

As it’s Easter this week and every TV ad break is filled with Lindt chocolates of all shapes and sizes, it reminded me of a simpler time. My childhood. I doubt my family remembers this event but I do vividly…

It was around the mid-90s when I was living in Germany. I was probably 6 or 7 when me and my Amma (mum) went to Rewe – a supermarket to do a grocery shop. ‘What a bore!’ I thought and even to this day, it’s my least favourite type of shopping. All the easter supplies were out in full bloom on the shelves, including the painted chicken eggs. And then…the marvellous rows of the iconic golden chocolate bunnies. I asked my Amma “Pretty please, can I have this majestic creature?” Luckily I must have been well-behaved or did something good as she did buy me one. I remember how happy I was, in fact, I was very proud of my golden bunny. I had it sitting at the side of my desk, always marvelling at it as I did my homework and my drawings. Yes, I was aware it is an edible bunny! But I was taken by its golden beauty, the lovely red bow and that cute little bell. I elevated this product to pet status. I was so happy.

My Amma brought a decorative basket with green paper grass (shredded tissue) for my gold bunny. Amma and Appa obviously saw how happy this made me and over the next few weeks added more accessories like little fluffy chicks, mini chocolate eggs and Glückskäfer (Lucky beetles). My beloved gold bunny’s home looked magnificent! Anna (older brother), however, couldn’t see the kerfuffle. “How can you buy chocolate and not eat it? What’s the point?” Was his argument. For me, it was a grand display at my desk for my ‘pet’ gold bunny. Easter came and it was glorious because of the display. The next day, I went to my desk and looked at my Easter basket and… the most gruesome murder had been committed! My gold bunny’s head was gone! I burst out crying and sobbed over my poor gold bunny’s demise. Amma came running worried something bad had happened. I was blubbering and I knew who the culprit was. ANNA. Amma summoned him in a strict tone and he came. “What? Easter is finished! What was she going to do with it?! It’s chocolate, it’s to be eaten!” was his answer. After some more scolding from Amma, I allowed him to eat the rest of the chocolate bunny's body. I was mourning for the rest of the day. My beloved gold bunny was gone. But then I saw the brighter side of things. The pretty red bow with the cute bell was still left. I was happy again.

Ahhh…being a child. How simple life was. And if I would have known then that I would actually have a real bunny one day, I would have died of joy! Eee!

Hoppy Easter every-bunny and thanks for reading. Till next time y’all!

P.S. For anyone who knows me, reading this blog will be a shocker. Because not once in my life have I called my brother ‘Anna’. Always by this name. Everyone else calls him Anna due to the habit of getting me to say it! LOL!

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