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Rameni’s story begins

In the time of identity crisis and diversity debates, my very own heroine rose from the depths of my notebooks – Rameni. But little did I know she had a bigger story to tell. In this blog I’ve put together a series of photos to showcase the process so far…

Around four months ago I started to type up two years of story plots and character notes. It got my brain juices flowing, enabling me to see what worked and didn't work, culling anything that was no longer necessary. Writing…it can be a cruel world! On the bottom left of the photo is the character turnaround sheet – Rameni went through many changes from her age, target audience and story scenario. She is here and ready to conquer your hearts!

Rameni’s destiny is set when she discovers cat mascot ‘Squeak Taicho’ on a ramen pack she finds at her local supermarket. After happily consuming many ramen packs myself for ‘research’ – that’s my excuse, I came up with this packaging design. Yum yum!

The HarperCollins Alumni event got me thinking ‘Hey! Why not create cards that introduce Rameni?’ These cards are special as it gives the reader the experience of being part of Rameni’s world. The recipient of this card is holding the ramen pack that changed her life! It’s like holding a Pokeball, Dragonball or the iconic gooey pink-sprinkled doughnut Homer Simpson drools over!

Hot off the press – the first printed Rameni intro cards, and sneaking in the background is the full coloured version, more on that another day…

Thanks for reading, until next time, y’all!

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