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The Golden Egg Academy – 5-day Writing Challenge

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Golden Egg Academy writing challenge with my graphic novel comedy Rameni in mind. They were small writing challenges and you had 24hrs to complete each one. I say small challenges but they were still big! And…there were over 800 fellow participants in attendance! You could only write a sentence or two tops. This was ideal as I could do with being more concise!

Writing task #1: THE GOLDEN IDEA

Rameni is gunning for glory to become an apprentice of Squeak Taicho (think Willy Wonka), the cat mascot who owns a trendy instant ramen business. There is one problem, her archnemesis Bernard Banal has the same goal!


Rameni is an unruly narcissistic youngster with ambitions to become a successful business tycoon. Frustrated by archnemesis Bernard Banal, her ideas are too crazy and he is always top of the class. But when an apprenticeship opportunity arises with Squeak Taicho, the path to success opens, learning the importance of empathy along the way.

Writing task #3: WORST CASE SCENARIO

The worst hypothetical outcome for Rameni is if archnemesis Bernard Banal lands himself that glorious apprenticeship which they are both gunning for, leaving her grieving over her fallen empire of dreams. To get over this blasphemous scenario, she must learn to tackle her hotheaded ego to see it from other people’s POVs and to communicate her ideas more diplomatically.

Writing task #4: YOUR VILLAIN

Archnemesis Bernard Banal makes Rameni feel like a fool by swooping in with snarky comebacks and winning every school competition, hindering her shot to glory.

Writing task #5: DEADLINE SETTING

I have finished writing chapter one and next week I will finish chapter two!

These tasks really helped to prove that I can answer questions confidently about my characters. To wrap up the week there was a follow-up Live Masterclass with prizes! However, I couldn’t attend - for shame or not, you can decide! I had pre-booked tickets to John Wick 4!

Whilst on cloud nine, the week got topped off with more treats! I caught up with the Masterclass and found out that I was one of the winners! I won a handsome book voucher 😁

Love it when books are informative and decorative. 2in1! Yosh!

Thank you Golden Egg Academy for arranging such a thrilling writing challenge of this scale! I am still amazed at how you all pulled it off. Thank you, Imogen, Nicki and Charlotte for your invaluable time and feedback. Thank you Hazel for sorting out my prize!

Behind the scenes!

Thanks for reading, until next time, y’all!

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