Hello! My name is Arrthi (pronounced ‘Arty’) and I specialise in super fun original kids' brand entertainment. My focus is on quirky, vibrant characters in my signature style ‘Cute Chubby Cheeky’!

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© Arrthi - Coffee Break

I'm based in Hampshire, England and I've been drawing since as long as I can remember. Toons, tasties and beasties are my thing and I have a signature style I’ve coined the 'Cute Chubby Cheeky'!


Take a peak at a few of my creations!

© Arrthi - Monster Truck!
© Arrthi - Peeking
© Arrthi - Pool Party!
© Arrthi - Characters!
© Arrthi - Marching Band!

"Hard work is satisfying."

Arrthi Little - creator

My work process is traditional in the sense that I use pencils, pens and paper. From jotting down notes and sketches in books to concept art and illustrations on variations of paper. I do neat crispy pen line work, plan the colours, layout and typography ready for directing the digital process. 


My style can be summed up and identified by the 'triple C'


I spent my whole life creating my own style. The 'Arrthi' style ^_^


Arrthi offers its own set of licensable artworks and patterns bringing the cute, chubby, cheeky to everyone!

Introducing 'Good Morning Mrs Duck' which is inspired by the creator's true story!


I hope you are enjoying this glimpse into the imaginative world of Arrthi! There is much more to see so why not reach out, follow and use the hashtag #arrthi. Spread the word!


If you haven't already, check out my 'Artwork', 'Brands' or 'About' pages.


"Be ambitious"

Arrthi Little - creator